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Large-area, freestanding single-crystal gold of single nanometer thickness for nanophotonics,
Nature Communications 15, 2840 (2024)
[towards goldphene]
Time-dependent ultrafast quadratic nonlinearity in an epsilon-near-zero platform,
Nano Letters 24, 3744 (2024)
[time-varying nonlinearity]
Propagation of focused scalar and vector vortex beams in anisotropic media: a semi-analytical approach,
Phys. Rev. B 109, 125433 (2024)
[complex beams in focus]
Ultrafast hot-carrier dynamics in ultrathin monocrystalline gold,
Nature Communications 15, 703 (2024)
[ultrathin is ultrafast]
Optical skyrmions and other quasiparticles of light,
Nature Photonics 18, 15 (2024)
[when optics meets topology]
Roadmap on electromagnetic metamaterials and metasurfaces,
Journal of Physics: Photonics 6, DOI: 10.1088/2515-7647/ad1a3b (2024)
[on the road !]
Dynamic dielectric metasurfaces via control of surface lattice resonances in inhomogeneous environment,
Advanced Photonics Research 5, 2300268 (2024)
[colours by environment]
Nonlocality-enabled pulse management in epsilon-near-zero metamaterials,
Advanced Materials 35, 2107023 (2023)
[how to control speed of pulse]
Thermal control of polarisation of light with nonlocal plasmonic anisotropic metamaterials,
Applied Physics Letters 123, 171701 (2023)
[entanglement of temperature and polarisation]
Waveguide-integrated light-emitting metal-insulator-graphene tunnel junctions,
Nano Letters 23, 3731 (2023)
[light at the end of the tunnel]
Broadband transient response and wavelength-tuneable photoacoustics in plasmonic hetero-nanoparticles,
Nano Letters 23, 2786 (2023)
[light and sound on demand]
Hot-electron dynamics in plasmonic nanostructures,
arXiv 2302.10247 (2023)
[it's always hot out there]
Topological transformation and free-space transport of photonic hopfions,
Advanced Photonics 5, 015001 (2023)
[how light looks like in 3D]
Enhancement of optical spin-orbit coupling in anisotropic ENZ metamaterials,
IEEE Photonics Journal 15, 0600108 (2023)
[azimuthal vorticism]
Non-diffractive 3D polarisation features of optical vortex beams,
Advanced Photonics Nexus 2, 026001 (2023)
[polarisation does not diffract]
Femtosecond laser modified metal surfaces alter biofilm architecture and reduce bacterial biofilm formation,
Nanoscale Advances 5, 6659 (2023)
[lasers do magic]
Multimode hybrid gold-silicon nanoantennas for tailored nanoscale optical confinement,
Nanophotonics 12, 2997 (2023)
[selecting nanoantenna modes]
Roadmap on structured waves,
Journal of Optics 25, 103001 (2023)
[the most beautiful road]
Effect of mirror quality on optical response of nanoparticle-on-mirror plasmonic nanocavities,
Advanced Optical Materials 11, 2201914 (2023)
[very smooth and very Q]
Tale of two resonances: waveguide-plasmon coupling and high Q-factor engineering on the nanoscale,
ACS Photonics 10, 2 (2023)
[two together better than one]
Carrier density tuning in CuS nanoparticles and thin films by Zn doping via ion exchange,
Nanoscale 15, 3730 (2023)
[how to train your plasmon]
Stable optical lateral forces from inhomogeneities of the spin angular momentum,
Science Advances 8, eabn2291 (2022)
[that elusive lateral force]
Molecular plasmonics with metamaterials,
Chemical Reviews 122, 15031 (2022)
[everything you ever wanted to know about molecules in metamaterials and much more]
Integrated Janus dipole source for selective coupling to silicon waveguide networks,
Applied Physics Reviews 9, 021410 (2022)
[Janus rules waveguides]
On-chip high-speed coherent optical signal detection based on photonic spin-Hall effect,
Laser and Photonics Reviews 16, 2100669 (2022)
[measuring phase via spin-Hall effect]
Humidity-induced direct modification of the optical response of plasmonic nanorod metamaterials,
Optical Materials Express 12, 4574 (2022)
[water is important]
Photoelectrochemical detection of calcium ions based on hematite nanorod sensors,
ACS Applied Nano Materials 5, 17087 (2022)
[detecting ions]
Plasmonic nanocavity induced coupling and boost of dark excitons in monolayer WSe2 at room temperature,
Nano Letters 22, 1915 (2022)
[very bright monolayers]
Atomically smooth single-crystalline platform for low-loss plasmonic nanocavities,
Nano Letters 22, 1786 (2022)
[perfectly ultrasmooth]
Temperature stability of individual plasmonic Au and TiN nanodiscs,
Optical Materials Express 12, 3471 (2022)
[what happens to each of them ?]
Photonic spin lattices: symmetry constraints for skyrmion and meron topologies,
Physical Review Letters 127, 237403 (2021)
[spin- and field-skyrmions united]
Long-range directional routing and spatial selection of high spin-purity valley trion emission in a WS2 monolayer,
ACS Nano 15, 18163 (2021)
[electronic spin coupled to photonic spin]
Optical spin-orbit coupling in the presence of magnetization: photonic skyrmion interaction with magnetic domains,
Nanophotonics 10, 3667 (2021)
[photonic skyrmions in magnetic media]
Dynamics of hot carriers in plasmonic heterostructures,
Nanophotonics 10, 2929 (2021)
[accelerating plasmonics in heterostructures]
Light-induced symmetry breaking for enhancing second-harmonic generation from an ultrathin plasmonic nanocavity,
Nature Communications 12, 4326 (2021)
[very small but very nonlinear]
Directional imbalance of Bloch surface waves for ultrasensitive displacement metrology,
Nanoscale 13, 11041 (2021)
[sub-nm resolution with optics]
Rapid detection of SARS-CoV-2 viral nucleic acids based on surface enhanced infrared absorption spectroscopy,
Nanoscale 13, 10133 (2021)
[plasmonics against covid]
Machine learning-based diffractive image analysis with subwavelength resolution,
ACS Photonics 8, 1448 (2021)
[through the diffraction grating and what we can see there]
Mode engineering in large arrays of coupled plasmonic-dielectric nanoantennas,
Advanced Optical Materials 9, 2001467 (2021)
[split-rod nanoantennas have many applications]
Self-assembled plasmonic coaxial nanocavities for high-definition broad-angle coloring in reflection and transmission,
Advanced Optical Materials 9, 2001923 (2021)
[high-definition CMY and RGB pallets]
Transverse spin dynamics in structured electromagnetic guided waves,
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA 118, e2018816118 (2021)
[Maxwell's equations for the spinning light]
Ultrafast carrier and lattice dynamics in plasmonic nanocrystalline copper sulfide films,
Laser and Photonics Reviews 15, 2000346 (2021)
[faster and faster plasmonics]
Transverse spinning of unpolarized light,
Nature Photonics 15, 156-161 (2021)
[persistent polarisation of unpolarised light]
[free online]
Rational design of bimetallic photocatalysts based on plasmonically-derived hot carriers,
Nanoscale Advances 3, 767 (2021)
[optimisation games in plasmonic catalysis: enhancing hot-electron extraction]
Angle-insensitive plasmonic nanorod metamaterial-based band-pass optical filters,
Optics Express 29, 11562 (2021)
[filtering wavelength from any angle]


Reconfigurable cavity-based plasmonic platform for resonantly enhanced sub-bandgap photodetection,
Journal of Applied Physics 128, 203101 (2020)
[tuneable hot-electron detectors]
Electric control of spin-orbit coupling in graphene-based nanostructures with broken rotational symmetry,
Laser and Photonics Reviews 14, 2000214 (2020)
[continuous tuning of optical angular momentum electrically]
Lasing at the nanoscale: Coherent emission of surface plasmons by an electrically driven nanolaser,
Nanophotonics 9, 3965 (2020)
[probably the most comprehensive paper on electrical nanolasers]
Giant enhancement of second-order nonlinearity of epsilon-near-zero medium by a plasmonic metasurface,
Nano Letters 20, 5421 (2020)
[from zero to giant thanks to a plasmonic meta-atom]
3D full-colour image projection based on reflective metasurfaces under incoherent illumination,
Nano Letters 20, 4481 (2020)
[it's a colourful, three dimensional world; no 3D glasses needed]
Optoelectronic synapses based on hot-electron-induced chemical processes,
Nano Letters 20, 1536 (2020)
[Multilevel nonvolatile optoelectronic memory based on memristive plasmonic tunnel junctions]
Tunneling-induced broadband and tuneable optical emission from plasmonic nanorod metamaterials,
Nanophotonics 9, 427 (2020)
[tuneable nano-lightbulbs]


Plasmonic metamaterials for nanochemistry and sensing,
Accounts of Chemical Research 52, 3018 (2019)
[sensing everything with metamaterials]
Amplitude and phase control of guided modes excitation from a single dipole source: engineering far- and near-field directionality,
Laser and Photonics Reviews 13, 1900250 (2019)
[total control of light direction at the nanoscale]
Spontaneous photon-pair generation from a dielectric nanoantenna,
Optica 6, 1416 (2019)
[single photon sources at the nanoscale]
Single-nanowire spectrometers,
Science 365, 1017 (2019)
[rainbow on a wire]
Singlet-triplet transition rate enhancement inside hyperbolic metamaterials,
Laser and Photonics Reviews 13, 1900101 (2019)
[how to make forbidden allowed]
Designer photonic dynamics by using non-uniform electron temperature distribution for on-demand all-optical switching times,
Nature Communications 10, 2967 (2019)
[slow and fast hot electrons]
Anisotropic plasmonic CuS nanocrystals as a natural electronic material with hyperbolic optical dispersion,
ACS Nano 13, 6550 (2019)
[hyperbolic semiconductor]
Deep-subwavelength features of photonic skyrmions in a confined electromagnetic field with orbital angular momentum,
Nature Physics 15, 650 (2019)
[photon spins form skyrmions]
[free online]
Experimental demonstration of linear and spinning Janus dipoles for polarisation and wavelength selective near-field coupling,
Light: Science & Applications 8, 52 (2019)
[seeing the invisible dipole]
Optimizing hot carrier effects in Pt-decorated plasmonic heterostructures,
Faraday Discussions 214, 387 (2019)
[how to make a hot electron active]
Magneto-optical metamaterials: nonreciprocal transmission and Faraday effect enhancement,
Advanced Optical Materials 7, 1801420 (2019)
[how to treat magneto-optics in metamaterials]
Nanoparticle-based metasurfaces for angular independent spectral filtering applications,
Journal of Applied Physics 126, 213101 (2019)
[filtering at any angle]
Polarization dependence of second harmonic generation from plasmonic nanoprism arrays,
Scientific Reports 9, 11514 (2019)
[linear and nonlinear symmetries are different]
Nanocone-based plasmonic metamaterials,
Nanotechnology 30, 055301 (2019)
[a very peculiar metamaterial]
Optical forces from near-field directionalities in planar structures,
Physical Review B 99, 235410 (2019)
[forces near the plains]
Improving propagation lengths of ultraviolet surface plasmon polaritons on thin aluminium films by ion milling,
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 52, 074004 (2019)
[UV plasmons propagate farther]


Structural second-order nonlinearity in metamaterials,
Optica 5, 1502 (2018)
[metamaterial approach to designing nonlinearities]
Metaparticles: dressing nano-objects with a hyperbolic coating,
Laser and Photonics Reviews 12, 1800179 (2018)
[zero-dimensional metamaterial]
DNA-assembled plasmonic waveguides for nanoscale light propagation to a fluorescent nanodiamond,
Nano Letters 18, 7323 (2018)
[plasmons are a nanodiamond's best friend]
Förster resonance energy transfer inside hyperbolic metamaterials,
ACS Photonics 5, 4594 (2018)
[order of magnitude better inside]
Imaging electric and magnetic modes and their hybridization in single and dimer AlGaAs nanoantennas,
Advanced Optical Materials 6, 1800664 (2018)
[nanoantennas modes revealed]
Nonlinearity-induced multiplexed optical trapping and manipulation with femtosecond vector beams,
Nano Letters 18, 5538 (2018)
[new opportunities for optical trapping: nonlinearity and longitudinal fields]
Generalization of the optical theorem: experimental proof for radially polarized beams,
Light: Science & Applications 7, 36 (2018)
[classic theorem violates for complex beams]
Spin and geometric phase control four-wave mixing from metasurfaces,
Laser and Photonics Reviews 12, 1800034 (2018)
[transferring spin from one wavelength to another]
Repulsion of polarized particles from two-dimensional materials,
Physical Review B 97, 205401 (2018)
[no stiction with graphene]
Nonlinear goniometry by second harmonic generation in AlGaAs nanoantennas,
ACS Photonics 5, 4386 (2018)
[measure your angle]
Interferometric evanescent-wave excitation of nano-antenna for ultra-sensitive displacement and phase metrology,
Physical Review Letters 121, 193901 (2018)
[Huygens' dipoles can be precisely traced]
Geometric-phase metasurfaces based on anisotropic reflection: generalized design rules,
ACS Photonics 5, 1755 (2018)
[how to make your own metasurface]
All-optical switching in Si photonic waveguides with epsilon-near-zero resonant cavity,
Photonics Research 6, B1 (2018)
[almost nothing is already enough in a waveguide]
Evidence of high-order nonlinearities in supercontinuum white-light generation from a gold nanofilm,
ACS Photonics 5, 1927 (2018)
[white but different white]
Janus and Huygens' dipoles: near-field directionality beyond spin-momentum locking,
Physical Review Letters 120, 117402 (2018)
[now you see it, now you don't] [Featured in Physics: Two-face dipole]
Reactive tunnel junctions in electrically-driven plasmonic nanorod metamaterials,
Nature Nanotechnology 13, 159 (2018)
[hot-electrons control and detect chemical reactions]
Second-harmonic generation from hyperbolic plasmonic nanorod metamaterial slab,
Laser and Photonics Reviews 12, 1700189 (2018)
[spectrum and polarisation on demand for SHG from metamaterials]
Free-electron optical nonlinearities in plasmonic nanostructures: a review of the hydrodynamic description,
Laser and Photonics Reviews 12, 1700082 (2018)
[everything you want to know about hot electron nonlinearities]
Nonlinear frequency conversion in optical nanoantennas and metasurfaces: materials evolution and fabrication,
Opto-Electronic Advances 1, 180021 (2018)
[evolution of nonlinear materials]
Directional scattering from particles under evanescent wave illumination: the role of reactive power,
Optics Letters 43, 3393 (2018)
[how to control scattering]
Temperature stability of thin film refractory plasmonic materials,
Optics Express 26, 15726 (2018)
[how much can you heat up plasmon ?]
Circular dichroism enhancement in plasmonic nanorod metamaterials,
Optics Express 26, 17841 (2018)
[metamaterials rotate stronger]
Giant Faraday rotation in graphene metamolecules due to plasmonic coupling,
Journal of Lightwave Technology 36, 2606 (2018)
[polarisation rotation enhanced in graphene]


Ultrafast synthesis and switching of light polarization in nonlinear anisotropic metamaterials,
Nature Photonics 11, 628 (2017)
[defining polarisation at THz rates]
Self-assembled silver-germanium nanolayer metamaterial with the enhanced nonlinear response,
Advanced Optical Materials 5, 1700753 (2017)
[self-assembling enhanced nonlinearity]
Two-dimensional pulse propagation without anomalous dispersion,
Physical Review Letters 119, 114301 (2017)
[eliminating thunder rumbling with hyperbolic metamaterials]
Spontaneous emission inside a hyperbolic metamaterial waveguide,
ACS Photonics, 4, 2513 (2017)
[2 in 1: high Purcell and waveguiding]
Geometry defines ultrafast hot carrier dynamics and Kerr nonlinearity in plasmonic metamaterial waveguides and cavities,
Advanced Optical Materials 5, 1700299 (2017)
[how to cool hot electrons]
Reflective metasurfaces for incoherent light to bring computer graphics tricks to optical systems,
Nano Letters 17, 4189 (2017)
[no lasers, no tricks, just 3D images]
Universal switching of plasmonic signals using optical resonator modes,
Light: Science & Applications 6, e16237 (2017)
[all-optical, opto-mechanical and electric switching in waveguides]
Spontaneous emission in nonlocal materials,
Light: Science & Applications 6, e16273 (2017)
[higher Purcell inside]
Titanium oxynitride thin films with tuneable double epsilon-near-zero behaviour for nanophotonic applications,
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 9, 29857 (2017)
[double ENZ, double impact]
Lateral Casimir force on a rotating particle near a planar surface,
Physical Review Letters 118, 133605 (2017)
[a nanoscale wheel moves without touching a road]
Unidirectional evanescent-wave coupling from circularly polarized electric and magnetic dipoles: an angular spectrum approach,
Physical Review B 95, 245416 (2017)
[both electric and magnetic dipoles radiate unidirectionally in a waveguide]
Amplification of surface-enhanced Raman scattering due to substrate-mediated localized surface plasmons in gold nanodimers,
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 5, 4075 (2017)
[substrate makes a difference]
Controlling second-harmonic generation at the nanoscale with monolithic AlGaAs antennas,
Nanotechnology 28, 114005 (2017)
[a mini-review of nonlinear dielectric nanophotonics]
Lattice modes and plasmonic linewidth engineering in gold and aluminum nanoparticle arrays,
Journal of the Optical Society of America B 34, 691 (2017)
[plasmonic lattices for the visible and UV]


Nonlinear dynamics of ultrashort long-range surface plasmon polariton pulses in gold strip waveguides,
ACS Photonics 3, 2324 (2016)
[ultrashort light pulses in ultrathin plasmonic films]
Integrated plasmonic circuitry on a vertical-cavity surface-emitting semiconductor laser platform,
Nature Communications 7, 12409 (2016)
[VCSELs go plasmonic for sensing, data storage and beyond]
Benchmarking system-level performance of passive and active plasmonic components:
integrated circuit approach,
Proceedings of the IEEE 104, 2338 (2016)
[the whole is greater than its parts (Aristotle)]
Interscale mixing microscopy: far field imaging beyond the diffraction limit,
Optica 3, 803 (2016)
[super-resolution microscopy overcoming SIM limitations]
Ultrafast optical modulation of second and third harmonic generation from cut-disk-based metasurfaces,
ACS Photonics 3, 1517 (2016)
[doubly nonlinear: Kerr nonlinearity controls harmonics generation]
Nonlocality-driven supercontinuum white light generation in plasmonic nanostructures,
Nature Communications 7, 11497 (2016)
[nonlinearities of nonlocal plasmonic spirals]
Transformation quantum optics: Designing spontaneous emission using coordinate transformations,
Journal of Optics 18, 044029 (2016)
[what happens to an emitter inside invisibility cloak]
Stereoscopic nanoscale-precision growth of free-standing silver nanorods by electron beam irradiation,
Journal of Physical Chemistry C 120, 20310 (2016)
[growing metal nanoparticles where you need them]
Spectral variation of fluorescence lifetime near single metal nanoparticles,
Scientific Reports 6, 21349 (2016)
[fluorescence modified by a single plasmonic particle]
Tunable ultra-high aspect ratio nanorod architectures grown on porous substrate via electromigration,
Scientific Reports 6, 22272 (2016)
[electric current moves atoms and grows nanorods]
Repulsion of polarized particles from anisotropic materials with a near-zero permittivity component,
Light: Science & Applications 5, e16022 (2016)
[levitation and friction reduction with metamaterials]


Active nanophotonics based on dielectric-loaded plasmonic waveguides,
Advanced Optical Materials 3, 1662 (2015)
[Review of active plasmonic waveguides]
Superluminal and stopped light due to mode coupling in confined hyperbolic metamaterial waveguides,
Scientific Reports 5, 17678 (2015)
[speed of light on demand]
Review: Spin-orbit interactions of light,
Nature Photonics 9, 796 (2015)
[learn how polarisation controls light propagation]
Lateral forces on circularly polarizable particles near a surface,
Nature Communications 6, 8799 (2015)
[light pushing aside]
Tuning the effective plasma frequency of nanorod metamaterials from visible to telecom wavelengths,
Applied Physics Letters 107, 121110 (2015)
[ENZ metamaterials for telecom]
Hyperbolic polaritonic crystals based on nanostructured nanorod metamaterials,
Advanced Materials 27, 5974 (2015)
[hyperbolic crystals: light unlimited]
Eliminating material constraints for nonlinearity with plasmonic metamaterials,
Nature Communications 6, 7757 (2015)
[the only nonlinear material you need is metamaterial]
Coherent lattice dynamics in topological insulator Bi$_2$Te$_3$ probed with time-resolved optical second harmonic generation,
Physical Review B 92, 064305 (2015)
[surface phonons in topological insulators revealed]
Hyperbolic metamaterial antenna for second-harmonic generation tomography,
Optics Express 23, 30730 (2015)
[SHG is more sensitive]
Boundary effects in finite size plasmonic crystals: focusing and routing telecom plasmonic beams,
Nanotechnology 26, 444001 (2015)
[plasmonic crystals for telecom]
Purcell effect in hyperbolic metamaterial resonators,
Physical Review B 92, 195127 (2015)
[emission inside metamaterial resonator]
Bulk plasmon-polaritons in hyperbolic nanorod metamaterial waveguides,
Laser & Photonics Reviews 9, 345 (2015)
[guided modes in metamaterials]
[ERRATUM:corrected pdf is here]
Light emission in nonlocal plasmonic metamaterials,
Faraday Discussions 178, 61 (2015),
[emitter inside metamaterial: do not trust local theory]
Refractive index sensing with hyperbolic metamaterials: strategies for biosensing and nonlinearity enhancement,
Optics Express 23, 14329 (2015)
[metamaterials are the best sensors]
Controlling plasmon-induced transparency of graphene metamolecules with external magnetic field,
Optics Express 23, 12524 (2015)
[giant Faraday rotation in graphene]
Non-perturbative hydrodynamic model for multiple harmonics generation in metallic nanostructures,
ACS Photonics 2, 8 (2015)
[nonlinearity from moving electrons: no approximations]
Optimizing Strontium Ruthenate thin films for near-infrared plasmonic applications,
Scientific Reports 5, 9118 (2015)
[new material for refractory plasmonics]
Scattering suppression from arbitrary objects in spatially-dispersive layered metamaterials,
Physical Review B 91, 125426 (2015)
[cloaking with ENZ metamaterials]


Spin-orbit coupling in surface plasmon scattering by nanostructures,
Nature Communications 5, 5327 (2014)
[transverse spin of plasmons and inverse photonic spin Hall effect]
Looking into meta-atoms of plasmonic nanowire metamaterial,
Nano Letters 14, 4971 (2014)
[how does electromagnetic field look inside metamaterial ?]
Shaping plasmon beams via the controlled illumination of finite-size plasmonic crystals,
Scientific Reports 4, 7234 (2014)
[coherent control of plasmom beam launching]
Dipolar emission in trench metal-insulator-metal waveguides for short-scale plasmonic communications: numerical optimisation,
Journal of Optics 16, 114006 (2014),
[emission inside plasmonic waveguide]
Impact of nonradiative line broadening on emission in photonic and plasmonic cavities,
Physical Review A 90, 043836 (2014)
[spontaneous emission influenced by loss]
A compact optical antenna coupler for silicon photonics characterized by third harmonic generation,
ACS Photonics 1, 912 (2014)
[wideband nanoantennas for coupling to Si waveguides]
Hydrogen detected by the naked eye: optical hydrogen gas sensors based on core-shell plasmonic nanorod metamaterials,
Advanced Materials 26, 3532 (2014)
[see hydrogen gas with your eyes]
Photonic spin Hall effect in hyperbolic metamaterials for polarization-controlled routing of subwavelength modes,
Nature Communications 5, 3226 (2014)
[photon spin controls waveguiding in metamaterials]
Near-field hyperspectral optical imaging (Review),
Chemical Physics and Physical Chemistry 15, 619 (2014)
[SNOM that sees everything]
Ultrafast all-optical modulation with hyperbolic metamaterial integrated in Si photonic circuitry,
Optics Express 22, 10987 (2014)
[metamaterials integrated with Si waveguides]
Magnetic dipole radiation tailored by substrates: numerical investigation,
Optics Express 22, 10693 (2014)
[dielectric nanoparticles on a substrate]
Nano-opto-mechanical effects in plasmonic waveguides,
Laser & Photonics Reviews 8, 131 (2014)
[aJ energy per bit for mechanical modulation of light in plasmonic waveguide]
Nonlocal optics of plasmonic nanowire metamaterials,
Physical Review B 89, 035111 (2014)
[wavevector-dependent permittivity]


Self-induced torque in hyperbolic metamaterials,
Physical Review Letters 111, 036804 (2013)
[molecules rotate in metamaterials: the Baron Munchhausen effect]
Near-field interference for the unidirectional excitation of electromagnetic guided modes,
Science 340, 328 (2013) [for free reprint follow link below]
[polarisation-controlled light mills]
Manipulating polarization of light with ultrathin epsilon-near-zero metamaterials,
Optics Express 21, 14907 (2013)
[ENZ metamaterials: new opportunities for polarisers]
Localized surface plasmon resonances in spatially dispersive nano-objects: phenomenological treatise,
ACS Nano 7, 4334 (2013)
[learn everything about nonlocal effects]
Ultrasensitive nonresonant detection of ultrasound with plasmonic metamaterials,
Advanced Materials 25, 2351 (2013)
[photoacoustic effects in metamaterials]
Multiple Fano resonances in single-layer nonconcentric core-shell nanostructures,
Optics Express 21, 8426 (2013)
[multiple invisibility with a single layer and sensing applications]
Fabrication and optical properties of large-scale arrays of gold nanocavities based on rod-in-a-tube coaxials,
Applied Physics Letters 102, 103103 (2013)
[gold nanorod in gold nanotube]
Plasmonic enhancement of the nonlinear magneto-optical response of nickel nanorod metamaterials,
Physical Review B 87, 035116 (2013)
[magnetic-SHG: beyond effective medium]
Linewidth enhancement in spasers and plasmonic nanolasers,
Optics Express 21, 2147 (2013)
[time-dependence in quasistatics ?]
Cascaded second-order surface plasmon solitons due to intrinsic metal nonlinearity,
New J. Physics 15, 013031 (2013)
[plasmonic solitons- all metallic]
Biosynthesis of luminescent quantum dots in an earthworm,
Nature Nanotechnology 8, 57 (2013)
[quantum dots on a cheap]


Nonlinear plasmonics,
Nature Photonics 6, 737 (2012)
[reviews of nonlinear plasmonics]
Broadband and broadangle optical antennas based on plasmonic crystals with linear chirp,
Scientific Reports 2, 829 (2012)
[how to make nanoscale rainbows]
Analogue of the quantum Hanle effect and polarisation conversion in non-Hermitian plasmonic metamaterials,
Nano Letters 12, 6309 (2012)
[losses can couple plasmonic resonances]
Directed self assembly of nanorod networks: bringing the top down to the bottom up,
Nanotechnology 23, 505302 (2012)
[complex nanorod patterns controlled]
Tailoring and enhancing spontaneous two-photon emission processes using resonant plasmonic nanostructures,
Physical Review A 86, 033826 (2012)
[full quantum theory of STPE enhancement with plasmonics]
Brillouin light scattering by spin waves in magnetic metamaterials based on Co nanorods,
Optical Materials Express 2, 1260 (2012)
[spin-waves in magnetic metamaterial studied]
Nonlinearly coupled localized plasmon resonances: resonant second-harmonic generation,
Physical Review B 86, 085422 (2012)
[second-harmonic generation from plasmonic nanoparticles]
Microscopic model of the Purcell enhancement in hyperbolic metamaterials,
Physical Review B 86, 035148 (2012)
[spontaneous emission enhanced ]
Photonic signal processing on electronic scales: electro-optical field-effect nanoplasmonic modulator,
Physical Review Letters 109, 053901 (2012)
[plasmonic modulator with the size of local electronic interconnect]
Surface plasmon polariton amplification upon electrical injection in highly-integrated plasmonic circuits,
Nano Letters 12, 2459 (2012)
[plasmonic signals amplified]
Brillouin light scattering by spin waves in ferromagnetic nanorods,
Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 324, 3406 (2012)
[read about magnetic nanorods]
Non-exponential decay of dark localized surface plasmons,
Optics Express 20, 6720 (2012)
[Dark modes are not always slow]
Low-temperature plasmonics of metallic nanostructures,
Nano Letters 12, 1561 (2012)
[Cold is good for plasmonics]


Optically-programmable nonlinear photonic component for dielectric-loaded plasmonic circuitry,
Optics Express 19, 25222 (2011)
[read the article on controlling plasmonic ring-resonators]
Hybrid FIB milling strategy for the fabrication of plasmonic nanostructures on semiconductor substrates,
Nanoscale Research Letters 6, 572 (2011)
[read the article how not to FIB semiconductors]
Light extraction beyond total internal reflection using one-dimensional plasmonic crystals,
Applied Physics Letters 99, 081106 (2011)
[read the article how to make gold more transparent than glass]
Guiding light at the nanoscale: numerical optimisation of ultra-subwavelength metallic wire SPP waveguides,
Optics Letters 36, 3127 (2011)
[read the article about properties of tiniest plasmonic waveguides]
All-plasmonic modulation via stimulated emission of co-propagating surface plasmon polaritons on a substrate with gain,
Nano Letters, 11, 2231 (2011)
[read how plasmon amplifies plasmon, no light needed]
Designed ultrafast optical nonlinearity in a plasmonic nanorod metamaterial enhanced by nonlocality,
Nature Nanotechnology, 6, 107 (2011)
[the most nonlinear material: plasmonic metamaterial engineered for ultrafast all-optical switching]
Experimental demonstration of dielectric-loaded plasmonic waveguide disk resonators at telecom wavelengths,
Applied Physics Letters 98, 161102 (2011)
[read the article]
4-level polarization discriminator based on a surface plasmon polaritonic crystal,
Applied Physics Letters 98, 111109 (2011)
[read the article]
Low-loss multilayered metamaterial exhibiting a negative index of refraction at visible wavelengths,
Physical Review Letters 106, 067402 (2011)
[read the article]
The controlled fabrication and geometry tuneable optics of gold nanotube arrays,
Nanotechnology 22, 045705 (2011)
[read the article]


Poling-assisted fabrication of plasmonic nanocomposite devices in glass,
Advanced Materials 22, 4368 (2010)
[read the article: plasmonic sensors fabricated directly inside glass]
Hyperspectral imaging with scanning near-field optical microscopy: applications in plasmonics,
Optics Express 18, 16513 (2010)
[novel approach to near-field microscopy helps to understand plasmonic devices]
The third plasmonic revolution,
Nature Nanotechnology 5, 482 (2010)
[read how plasmonics helps to improve magnetic data storage]
Electro-optic switching element for dielectric-loaded SPP waveguides,
Applied Physics Letters 97, 041107 (2010)
[want to know why active plasmonic components better than dielectric ones ? read the article]
Numerical analysis of long-range SPP modes in nanoscale plasmonic waveguides,
Optics Letters 35, 2118 (2010)
[read the article]
Silicon-based plasmonic waveguides,
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[read about CMOS compatible plasmonic waveguides]
Optical transmission of periodic annular apertures in metal film on high-refractive index substrate: the role of a nanopillar shape,
Applied Physics Letters 96, 201101 (2010)
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Amplified spontaneous emission of surface plasmon polaritons and limitations on the increase of their propagation length,
Optics Letters 35, 1197 (2010)
[read about SPP amplification]
High-performance biosensing using arrays of plasmonic nanotubes,
ACS Nano 4, 2210 (2010)
[read the article]
All-optical active components for dielectric-loaded plasmonic waveguides,
Optics Communications 283, 1581 (2010)
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[read the article about the record sensitivity in refractive index sensing]
Plasmonic waveguide as an efficient transducer for high-density data storage,
Applied Physics Letters 95, 171112 (2009)
[learn a new concept for nanofocusing with plasmonic waveguides allowing high energy throughput]
Spin wave modes in Ni nanorod arrays studied by Brillouin light scattering,
Physical Review B 80, 144406 (2009)
[read the article]
Amplification of surface plasmon polaritons in the presence of nonlinearity and spectral signatures of threshold crossover,
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[read the article]
Optical nonlocalities and additional waves in epsilon-near-zero metamaterials,
Physical Review Letters 102, 127405 (2009)
[read the article]
Opening the light extraction cone of high index substrates with plasmonic gratings: LED applications, Applied Physics Letters 95, 021101 (2009)
[read the article]
Wavelength selection by dielectric-loaded plasmonic components,
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[read the article]
Magnetic excitations in (SiO$_2$)Co nano-composite films: Brillouin light scattering study,
Journal Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 321, 876 (2009)
[read the article]
Wavelength-selective directional coupling with dielectric-loaded plasmonic waveguides,
Optics Letters 34, 310 (2009)
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