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Nature Photonics Editorial: Commercializing Plasmonics
[reflections on the EPSRC Active Plasmonics programme grant final meeting]

King's News: Optical 'watermills' control spinning light
Plasmon spin and light scattering
Collective strength: enhancing sensors
Controlling light with light ... without nonlineraity
New approach for controlling light
Book published: Active Plasmonics and Tuneable Plasmonic Metamaterials
This week in Science: Controlling light propagation
Science: Perspective: Polarization traffic control for surface plasmons
King's News: Spinning photons sent light in one direction
Scientists spin photons to control light
Spin of photons helps to direct light at will [in Russian]
Photonics Spectra: Waveguiding with spinning photons
Metallic nanostructures control light direction
Plasmonics could enable low-power on-chip optics
Nature Outlook: Perspective: A glint of the future
Nature Outlook: Photonics: Trick of the light
Nature Outlook: Gold
King's News: Metamaterial brings sharp clarity to ultrasound imagery
Nature Photonics Research Highlights:Metamaterials: Ultrasound Detector
The Engineer
Photonics Spectra: Material Converts Ultrasound Waves into Optical Signals
Nature Photonics Research Highlights: Metamaterials: Ultrasound detector
OSA Spotlight on Optics
What's the difference between a laser and a lightbulb ?
Nature Nanotechnology News & Views: Earthworms lit with quantum dots
New Scientist
National Geographic
Nanophotonics Roadmap has been published by the Nanophotonics Europe Association (December 2012)
"Nanophotonics: a Forward Look"
SPIE Photonics for a Better World: Manipulating nanoscale rainbows
New technologies to create rainbow
Nanotech Now
The Briefing
Active Plasmonics in Optical Interconnects
SPIE TV: Nanostructured metals and plasmonic effects
King's Report
Plasmonics: ancient nanotechnology for the future
King's News: A touch of gold makes glass more see through
Nature Photonics Views from...: Harnessing plasmonics on a chip
Photonics Spectra: Plasmonics May Hold Key to All-Optical Chips
Foresight report has been published by the Nanophotonics Europe Association (June 2011)
"Nanophotonics Foresight Report"
Nature Photonics Editorial: The hidden face of nanophotonics
King's News: Most nonlinear optical materials