List of PhD projects available to new students

Funded PhD studentships

Integrating vortex beams and optical metasurfaces

The applications are invited from exceptional candidates to work on the ERC funded research programme. Two PhD studentships are available to EU students starting from October 2019 or as soon as possible thereafter. The projects involve design, nanofabrication and optical studies of metasurfaces to control complex optical beams for applications in chirality sensing and optical maniplautions. Purely theoretical projects are also available. We are looking for candidates with a strong background in optics and hands-on experience in optical laboratories. Knowledge of and experience in one or several of the following fields will be an advantage: optical vortex beams, lasers, optical metasurfaces, optical forces, polarisation measurements, near-field optics, nanofabrication and numerical modelling.

PhD projects for self-funded applicants

The projects listed below are offered without studentships on the understanding that successful applicants will secure funding to cover tuition fees and living costs from external sources by themselves. Additionally, each year the College offers limited number of studentships for home and international students, please check the deadlines (usually January each year) and apply for funding directly [here] .

Active plasmonics

The PhD project involves fabrication and optical characterisation of advanced plasmonic nanostructures for integrated nanophotonics or sensing applications.

Nonlinear plasmonic metamateraials

The PhD project involves fabrication of plasmonic nanostructures and their optical characterization using ultrafast optical spectroscopy for telecom and nanophotonic applications.

Plasmonic hot-electron effects

The PhD project involves development, fabrication and characterisation of plasmonic nanostructures for exploitation of hot-electron effects in photocatalysis or opto-electronics. The project is associated with the EPSRC programme grant Reactive Plasmonics: Optical control of electronic processes at Interfaces for nanoscale physics, chemistry and metrology.

For all the projects please contact Professor Anatoly Zayats before applying online here.