Professor  Anatoly V Zayats, FInstP, FOSA, FSPIE, FRSC
 Head, Experimental Biophysics and Nanotechnology Group
 Director, UK EPSRC Research Programme on Nanoplasmonics

Tel.: +44-20-7848 2477 
Fax: +44-20-7848 2420 
Department of Physics
King's College London
London WC2R 2LS, United Kingdom 

Research Interests: near-field optics; scanning probe microscopy; nanophotonics and plasmonics; metamaterials; nonlinear optics and spectroscopy; surface plasmons and polaritons; bio- and chemical sensing; nanostructured metals; optical properties of surfaces, thin films, semiconductors and low-dimensional structures

Fellow of the Institute of Physics (2006)
Fellow of the Optical Society of America (2008): for pioneering contributions in nano-optics and plasmonics
Fellow of SPIE (2012): for achievements in integrated plasmonics and nonlinear metamaterials
Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry (2014)

Know plasmonics in 10 minutes (SPIE TV, 2012)

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